Ratings & Reviews

My neck pain from being seated all day at a desk has diminished incredibly after using this tincture!
Darren A
Winona, MN
I like Nature's Elixir because of its price and quality. It's a great value compared to similar products on the market.
Katy L
Golden, CO
Great quality! Great prices!
Michelle MT
Lock Haven, PA
I use the 3000 MG for pain as a result of a L2 Vertebra fracture in October 2018. Been using 3000 MG for 3 week and most of my pain is gone. Thank you so much for making this available!
Glenn B
Denver, CO
We tried several CBD products for a family member’s anxiety, but couldn’t really tell if it was helping. Been using Nature's Elixir 3000 mg isolate for 2 months and can DEFINITELY tell she is more relaxed and getting more restful sleep. Bonus: it's about 1/2 the cost!
Dusty M
Denver, CO